A decade of cancer treatment innovation

The Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Watch Dr Allan Thornton, our Chief Medical Officer, explaining what is Proton Therapy.

“Proton Therapy is the most advanced method of radiation therapy used to destroy cancer cells. Instead of using X-rays, we use protons which behave fundamentally differently. We can save about 70% of tissue that doesn’t need to be treated compared to any form of X-ray therapy. This is a huge advantage to our patients in terms of minimizing the side effects of the treatment. Basically, any solid tumor that can be treated with X-ray therapy can be treated just as well — if not better — with Proton Therapy. Any form of cancer can be treated with Proton Therapy if radiation is appropriate, with the exception of leukemias. We don’t treat blood born tumors, but lymphomas can certainly be treated. The side effects really depend upon anatomy. If we treat an oral cavity, a tong tumor for instance, the patient will have less salivary difficulties, less pain in the oral mucose and in the mouth, than with conventional therapy. But we also treat a great number of men with prostate cancer. And these gentlemen hardly know they are being treated, because we’re able to treat just the prostate and completely spare the bowel (…)”

Whether you are seeking a second opinion after a cancer diagnosis, or need more information about Proton Therapy and other advanced treatments, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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