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Proton Therapy is a key weapon to treat tumors because protons can deliver a higher dose of radiation into the tumor, while sparing healthy surrounding tissues. This is especially critical for children or for tumors located close to organs at risk.

Unfortunately, Proton Therapy is not yet widely available.

SAH Care was established to ensure that patients from across the world can have access to the best treatments available. We work tirelessly with local physicians and a global network of leading healthcare providers to bring excellent quality cancer care to our patients. Our team, partners, and supporters share a commitment to improve the delivery of high-quality, patient-centric cancer care.

The right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

Through travel medicine, we have found a way to provide access to advanced cancer care for those who live in areas where proton therapy centers are yet to be built. We believe that patients deserve to receive the most advanced cancer treatment in the world today despite geographic boundaries and limitations. When faced with a frightening cancer diagnosis, patients gain comfort in knowing they are being treated by some of the most experienced proton therapy physicians and scientists in the world today. The SAH Care team provides this compassionate, comprehensive care to patients wherever they live.

Dr Proton shares the latest information about Proton Therapy, reviews patients cases, and advises on the appropriateness of Proton Therapy.


Khadija, a 4-year old girl with a cancerous brain tumour, had been referred by her Bahraini oncologists to SAH Care to receive Proton Therapy after surgery and chemotherapy.

The Bahrain Ministry of Health knew Proton Therapy would be an ideal modality of radiotherapy for Khadija. It would substantially minimise the amount of radiation penetrating normal developing brain tissue.

The SAH protocol of making every patient and their family relax and feel comfortable went into action. The SAH Team took care of every single detail from transportation and accommodation, to surgery and medical appointments.

Khadija received “walk-in walk-out” 40-minute proton therapy treatments five days a week and weekly visits were held with Dr Thornton.

During her treatment course, Khadija felt really good. She created a nickname for Dr Thornton and called him “Dr Proton” to make him laugh.

Thus, the name “Dr Proton” was born.


SAH participates in numerous medical congresses worldwide. 

Come meet us!

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
February 15th & 16th
Congreso en Oncología, Radioterapia e Investigación

San José, Costa Rica
March 21st, 22nd & 23rd
Congreso Internacional en Cáncer en La Mujer

Medellin, Colombia
April 5th & 6th
Congreso en Cáncer en La Mujer, Radioterapia y Genética

Lima, Perú
May 3rd & 4th
Congreso Anual de la OLA Oncology Latin America

Santiago de Chile, Chile
June 28th & 29th
Best of Astro CHILE 2019

Ciudad de México, México
July 26th & 27th
II Congreso en Cáncer en la mujer.

Santiago de Chile, Chile
August 23rd & 24th
Congreso en Cáncer en la Mujer, Oncología, Radioterapia y Genética

Lima, Perú
September 6th & 7th
II Congreso en Oncología y Radioterapia

San Salvador, El Salvador
October 18th & 19th
Congreso en Oncología y Radioterapia

Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 25th & 26th
Congreso en Cáncer en la Mujer. Cardiología y Cáncer

Montevideo, Uruguay
November 26th & 27th
Congreso en Oncología y Radioterapia

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SAH and Neutron Therapeutics Inc. enter into agreement to develop Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

September 10th, 2019 – Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A. SAH Global and neutron Therapeutics Inc (NTI) have entered into agreement to develop Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT). BNCT is a powerful alternative to traditional radiotherapy and proton therapy, with the ability to deliver targeted radiation to cancer cells while sparing surrounding healthy tissue.  In BNCT treatment, a …

Proton therapy: the current status of the clinical evidences – by Dongryul Oh

Precision and Future Medicine 2019 The dosimetric advantages of proton therapy—compared with photon therapy—have been clearly defined in many comparison studies involving various tumor sites. There are now accumulating clinical data demonstrating that this dosimetric advantage can lead to better outcomes such as reduced RT toxicity and improved treatment outcomes.  Pediatric Tumors RT has an …

Advantage of proton-radiotherapy for pediatric patients and adolescents with Hodgkin’s disease

“Proton therapy for mediastinal lymphoma reduces significantly the dose to organs at risk and the integral body dose. It might lead to reduced late toxicities and secondary malignancies. This is especially important for children and young adults. It should be considered for both sexes, as both male and female patients benefit from the unique features …


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