Why Proton Therapy ?

“Proton therapy provides the benefits of conventional radiation therapy, but their nature as high speed particles allows protons to be more precisely conformed for treatment. Thus, high doses of radiation can be targeted at a tumor without a resulting exit dose and with significantly less damage to surrounding healthy tissue and organs. Patients experience fewer side effects and reduced risk of secondary cancer and other long-term health problems. 
It is clear that healthcare providers across the country are recognizing proton therapy as an effective weapon in the arsenal against cancer and patients are reaping the benefits.”

The National Association for Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is a minimally invasive cancer treatment that provides a better quality of life for cancer patients. It can spare them the grueling post-treatment complications that are common with more traditional options and has relatively few harmful side effects.

Because Proton Therapy precisely targets tumors with scientific accuracy, a higher dose of radiation can be delivered directly to the cancerous cells while sparing healthy tissues and vital organs that are near the tumor. This delivers many benefits to patients :


  • 01

    Effective treatment for a wide range of difficult-to-reach cancers

  • 02

    Fewer side effects and increased sense of well-being

  • 03

    Significantly decreases the estimated risk of developing secondary malignancies

  • 04

    Patients maintain a relatively active lifestyle during and after treatment

  • 05

    Patients can leave the treatment room without any risks or radiation exposure to others

Cancers treated with Proton Therapy

Is Proton Therapy right for you ?