You’re welcome !

Our Patients Coordinators are our heroes. And when we thank them for the tremendous work they perform every day for our patients, they simply answer “You’re welcome !”.

They answer any single request about Proton Therapy and take care of our patients and their families.

They collect the full set of medical records which we need to analyse the situation correctly and advise rightly.

They coordinate the best treatment plan with our medical teams worldwide.

They manage the day to day operations for all patients traveling abroad for treatment, including coordination of proton therapy and other ancillary treatments.

Upon request, they can provide assistance with transportation, accommodation, translation, or any other tiny service that helps our patients feel comfortable so they can concentrate on getting better.

Once the treatment abroad is completed, they make sure our patients travel safely back home, and they ensure the follow-up plan defined by the medical staff is provided by local physicians with the high level of quality care all patients deserve. 

We sincerely thank all our Patients Coordinators for treating each patient like family, and for placing them in our hands to get them safely to timely treatment.

“Once the decision is made for proton therapy, we usually send the patient to the overseas committee which will collaborate with SAH in the United States. The process is very, very simple, quick and easy. The patient, within one to two weeks of the decision making, will be sent abroad to the United States for the treatment. He or she will stay there and receive great care from the SAH team.
Every patient who returns from treatment praises the team at SAH Care. From their departure from Bahrain to their arrival in the States and throughout the course of their treatment, patients praise the team.
They talk about the good company they had, the good treatment they received, the perfect communication with the staff, the doctors, and the therapists – with everything. When we see patients who have fully recovered, cured from the cancer, we are more than excited. It’s a present for us. We don’t need anything else. The patient is happy.”

Dr Hanadi Malik, M.D., MSc.Radiation Oncologist, SMC, The Kingdom of Bahrain

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