Which Radiation Therapy technics for which patients ? How to Optimize survivorship ?

« There are certain patients with brain tumors who can live many years to decades. And we think that Radiotherapy for those patients with brain tumors can have long lasting side-effects. Proton Therapy allows us to treat the brain tumor and completely avoid radiation to normal brain tissue. Not just lowering the dose, but literally eliminating irradiation in these areas. Study showed that children treated with Proton Therapy had better cognitive functions down the road, better IQ (…) That’s a really meaningful improvement that we see with Proton Therapy (…)

Some adults with glioma can live many years to decades (…) we’re using Proton therapy to try treat that tumor, avoid as much unnecessary radiation dose to normal brain tissue, and see if we can help preserve their cognitive functions. »


The right treatment for the right patient at the right time : What does it mean ?

Cancer care is complex : at every stage of the disease, it requires many professionals who are experts in different areas of care.

In this ecosystem, everyone has a role to play and must play it perfectly !

Not every treatment is appropriate or necessary for each patient. This depends on both the characteristics of the tumor and the wishes of the patient over time. There are guidelines for the treatment of each cancer, but these leave room for patients’ own preferences.

SAH creates an environment of collaboration through regular tumor board meetings and updates on treatment modalities through the network of care.

Patient referrals help physicians identify optimal specialists based on patient needs and preferences, and the specialists decide through cross communication.

We foster an environment that is not driven by bottom lines, but by a high-quality continuum of care.

“The best care happens when everyone comes together.”

Dr Proton

One year ago, we’ve launched our “Dr Proton” on social medias to share information about Proton Therapy.

Today, Dr Proton has built up a network of over 12,000 professionals around the world that not only include radiation oncologists, radiotherapists, medical oncologists, surgeons, physicians, physicists, nurses, patients and care givers, but also bankers, investors, manufacturers, public institutions, ministries, and private organizations.

Our aim is to consider all aspects of Proton Therapy, from physics to patients, through equipment and financing.

We want to leverage all resources to ensure we – together – provide the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, within a high-quality continuum of cancer care.

To spread the word even further, Dr Proton now has his own web site : Dr-Proton.com

Join our network, and let’s consider Proton Therapy !